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Like we discussed last night the headline growth rate of 72% yoy with ad revenue accelerating to 82% yoy growth is remarkable at this scale and should be a real positive for the sector. This page includes full information about the Twitter, including the Twitter live chart and dynamics on the chart by choosing any of 8 available time frames. By moving the start and end of the timeframe in the bottom panel you can see both the current and the historical price movements of the instrument. Twitter’s settlement covers allegations that it misrepresented the “security and privacy” of user data between May 2013 and September 2019, according to the court documents… “In doing so, Musk hoped to drive down Twitter’s stock price and then use that as a pretext to attempt to re-negotiate the buyout,” according to the lawsuit.

The order for immediate layoffs, the ensuing panic and the about-face reflect the chaos that has engulfed Twitter since Musk took over the company two weeks ago.

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Let’s, let’s look at what everybody else did at the time, including the, you know, certain states in the us and Canada and Europe. Our agri tech platform helps empower farmers, commodity buyers and sellers. Our verified and authentic marketplace is transforming the way agri commodities transactions are carried out in India.

Second key question about the decline in the number of impression due to mix is what is the change in impressions on each platform on a stand alone basis ie desktop vs mobile as opposed to overall change in ad impressions. It might be the case that desktop ad impressions are growing at a huge rate solely due to a significant increase in ads per page. If this is the case than the decline in ad impressions due to the mix shift from desktop to mobile is actually way worse than the reported 17% yoy year decline. Similar to the scenario I made earlier if the # of advertisers is held constant yoy what’s the change yoy in revenue growth.

And I think that since I’ve written a couple of articles documenting that it has gotten better. And but I think that, you know, because of the missteps and, and the rollout you know, people are. One of the things that I like about the law though, is that it provides the ability for the private sector to, to provide these services of auto conversion.

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Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services, adding FPIs have turned buyers in autos, capital goods, FMCG and telecom. I mean, we’re, we’re going through a very volatile process, obviously where Bitcoin has lost a lot of value in the last year. You know, this thing’s gonna take decades to really start to change the world and it’s begun its journey, but it’s gonna be a long, long time. And in the meantime, people have to deal with the reality of today. That’s because I think that in some ways you, the government realized that a, of people not. So that conversion feature was a necessity.

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Because as people see that, you know, the currency that you wanna use is Bitcoin. They will begin to become more open and accepting it and they will see right now we’re in a bear market. Nobody wants it, but they will see that as we transit. Some of what you, some of the tips that you gave them, or some of the things that you bought from them will continue to rise and right. He was tweeting about adopting Bitcoin back in 2017 when he was being blocked by the people that Alex actually empathize with now, from running for the presidency.

Shares of the social media company were last up 0.5% at a near seven-month high of $53.05 in premarket trading, the closest they have come to Musk’s offer since it was announced in mid-April. A day after the social media business cut close to 50% of its workforce as part of new owner Elon Musk’s ambitious makeover plan, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologised to the company’s staff today. He expressed sorrow over having too fast expanded the microblogging platform.

  • A day after he said Twitter would give the badge – and other benefits – to anyone willing to shell out $8 a month, the CEO of NPCI replied to his tweet, pitching UPI AutoPay as an easy way to handle these payments.
  • It doesn’t mean we have to support those governments.
  • The latest sale dump comes as analysts had widely expected Musk to sell additional Tesla shares to finance the Twitter deal.
  • As shares of Meta-owned Facebook fell sharply by more than 26 percent on February 4, social media was inundated with posts on the share slide.

And you receive any money at all or any indirect support from like, let’s say my organization or any organization. Then you have to give Compare Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages & More 40% of those funds to the government, 40% tax. And it’s like, he basically gives license to the banking sector to freezer stuff.

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And if we are not willing to have difficult conversations and disagree on certain facts, we’re, we’re not gonna grow. What’s been clear, is that what the people who are supporting bouquet try to do is they try to dismiss facts as not real or as false. So I’ll just remind the audience of a couple things that are, you know, incontrovertible like these things did happen. Again, remember this government leader that you are, you know, some of you are currently simp sipping for to, to put it lightly, especially in the chat here. My one caveat with this will always be he may be our, a hero today in the eyes of some and a villain in the eyes of others. But it’s on history to look back and judge this.

A day after he said Twitter would give the badge – and other benefits – to anyone willing to shell out $8 a month, the CEO of NPCI replied to his tweet, pitching UPI AutoPay as an easy way to handle these payments. Nearly two weeks after a bloody fight among inmates at a prison in central Ecuador killed at least 16, another explosive attack killed five police Ecuadorean police officers on Tuesday, reported multiple local media. As per the reports, the incident happened in response to prisoner transfers from overcrowded and “violent jails”.

So, every time there’s like a major kind of erosion of, of the state and his checks and he dismantles checks on his power. He finds some way to distract the public from it. Later at the end of last year, this whole Bitcoin city announcement, which obviously is a huge joke.

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I think that Alex, you made the, what to me feels like a very reasonable point like this this, the law that, that is apparently saying that there’s basically you, you can receive to 10 years in prison for reporting on gangs. Cuz I think that regardless, I feel like most Bitcoiners at least would argue that like, you know, we should be able to move freely and, and conduct ourselves as we, as we would like. But, but I feel like with El Salvador, because Bitcoin is involved, people tend to, I don’t wanna say turn blind eye, but use kind of kid gloves in a way that I think is, is, is interesting and counterproductive. But I think that to Alex’s point, these types of situations are. Or can be very convenient when one is trying to, you know, suppress the movement of a people and control information flow in a group of people in order to serve different ends. And so, I, I, I do think it’s, it is, it is I don’t think anyone should be trying to justify those kinds of actions within like a context of sort of like public safety.

If they’re just, they could just be jailed like that. The most important tool for freedom in the world, in my opinion, mm-hmm, , it’s not sufficient. Like mm-hmm and, and the fact that so many people are out here, one thing is being. Liberal Democrats philosophy in terms of philosophy, speaking on ideologically speaking, judging El Salvador to be at that self actualization. If you are a nation who’s developed and self actualizing that at that point, if you start infringing on, you know, randomly on people’s rights, of course that’s wrong. I see laws, how they operate in other countries like Iran, my Homeland, as well as in this country.

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That’s really what it’s gonna be all about. Is he, is he gonna do Ugo Chavez and, and try to change the change, the paradigm so he can rule for longer that that was the real key here and I expected it to happen in the next few years. These are actual facts that are not fake. More than 30 journalists and activists who are the most high profile ones had their phones sped on with Pegasus software. I just don’t understand you have this all these Bitcoiners who are like cheering for the government to me, you know, makes very little sense.

Elon Musk expected to proceed with Twitter buyout deal at $54.20 per share: Report

The Georgian destroyed veteran Cub Swanson with a vicious ‘giga kick’ in his last outing. But what I really wanna say is that thanks, Alex. I think, you know, We probably have a lot more in common than, than, than we do. And, and contrast, you know, I myself left El Salvador because my human rights and my, my father’s human rights he paid a dear price were violated. So human rights are extremely important to me.

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